At Jen(X)Designs, we believe simple is better.


Our Mission

At Jen(X)Designs we pride ourselves in providing a great end product for the customer. We provide print design, web design and photography services designed specifically to please the client and meet their needs.

Our past design has been described as clean, modern and innovative. At Jen(X)Designs we like to play around with form and function. We always love a good challenge, so whether your looking for someone to make you a new website, business cards, we do it all. Contact us with what you want and we'll make sure your end product is superb.

Jen is a brilliant graphic artist. Her work at our companies has given Jen a large digital platform to display her creativity. Her company - Jen(X)Designs - is the embodiment of her artistic genius. I highly recommend her.
— Bruce Kaufman, BDKMarketGroup Investment Management LLC

I have worked with Jen for one year at She is an extremely talented graphic designer, both in terms of her technical ability and creativity. Jen skillfully translates other people’s ideas into visual media, and she does so efficiently and with attention to detail. She cares deeply about the quality and accuracy of her work product, and she takes the time to follow up with her colleagues to make sure she has successfully created the requested graphical product.

Jen’s personal graphic artwork is also visually impressive; she is truly a creative thinker who is passionate about her craft, and her work is a testament to that creativity.
— Jacqueline Fornaro, Interactive Marketing Manager at