I Just Want to Run!

As many of you already know, I'm recovering from a dang broken ankle and surgery which I had on September 2nd, three days before my wedding. I'm continuing to do 3 x 1 minute of running. Today I managed to run an 8:30 min/mile without pounding on my ankle for the last minute. I'm feeling pretty confident that I can get my running norm back, but in the meantime, I'm going a bit stir crazy not being able to just go out and run in this beautiful forty degree weather. I also have been doing plenty of swimming, and cycling on my trainer.

So as I said I would in my last blog post, I did set forth and swim the 100 x 100 yard challenge. Owwwww! That hurt the rotator cuffs for about a day. 10,000 yards is a lot. I have complete and utter respect for Diana Nyad for swimming over 50 hours from Cuba to Florida. If a little over 3 hours was killer on my body, I can only imagine how she felt. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! 

Here is my data for the challenge:

My average pace was decent I thought considering I slowed way down knowing how much distance I had to cover. Also, the last 3000 yards were freakin' painful! I knew it wasn't much longer, so I just took it easy and pushed through the last few thousand yards. All in all, not to shabby, but I'm waiting until after the new year to do it again with a bunch of tri buddies.

In other news, I got new glasses today, and John bought us both new wedding band that I can wear while I train. They're made of rubber! This weekend we tested out our backpacks again in the Middlesex Fells and had beef stew over the stove for lunch, which we rehydrated. John tried out the beacon, so we can send updates/ preset messages and our location to people while we're out of cell range on trails. We both intend to do a lot more backpacking in the future. 

Next Thursday, we're headed off to Kauai to backpack the Na Pali Coast. Then we'll head to the Big Island. It's our long awaited honeymoon! Neither of us have been on an actual vacation in forever, so this will definitely be a nice departure from the norm. We're looking forward to getting lei'd so to speak.....

-Jen(X) - Little Injured Triathlete